It has been 90 years since Dr. Smedley founded a Toastmasters Club.
60years have passed since the first Toastmasters Club was born in Japan.
This year, 2014, is a very important anniversary for us.

Fall District Conference 2014 has Humorous Speech Contests which come round once every 4 years.
The festival of 4000 members, 170 clubs will be held during November 14th, 15th and 16th.

Let’s create together the 3-day event full of laughter and excitement!

Conference successfully finished!


Video Message from keynote speakers !

Japanese Keynote Speaker:Sister Hiromi
English Keynote Speaker:Lance_miller

Keynote speaker decided !

Keynote speaker decided as Hiromi hsokawa.

■Profile (Hiromi Hosokawa)
Pantomime Missionary♪ Sister HiromiSupervisor of Tokyo Mime City ・Representative of Tokyo Mime College
Lecturer, Tokyo University of Art and Design
Overseas trainees Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2001
Chairman of the Executive Committee of ”Pantomime Week”” Sakutto Pantomime”

Hiromi was Born in Shizuoka Prefecture. She mastered Pantomime under Pantomimist, Takao Namiki at "Tokyo Institute of mime," belonged to "Mime Troup Kikyu-za" organized by Mr. Namiki. She experienced numbers of performances throughout Japan. She is actively working in a variety of genres, such as serving as a lecturer in "Dancin' Ebisu studio."
In 2001, through the program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs as an overseas trainee, she blushed up her skill in the American Mime Theater in NY, under Paul J, Curtis. The local magazines featured her street performance in Times Square. In 2003, after returning from NY, she has held numbers of workshops in various styles to tell the general public of potential splendor of pantomime. She especially works hard for developing younger generation and the inheritance of Takao Namiki’s works. In 2004, she opened mime training institution, "TOKYO mime College" and expanded development training of the younger generation. Since 2007, she appointed herself for "Pantomime missionary Sister Hiromi" and organized a continuousartists’ performance "Pantomime Week". In 2012, the total organization of the event reached 6times. Public showcase "Sakutto pantomime" has been held every month. 3rd "Sakutto mime festival" was held in 2011.
Currently, she has increased the chance of stage performance of pantomime, and actively working day and night for sensitizing whole society of importance of pantomime!
Since 2009, she has revived "Mime Troop ★ Grand balloon", which devote for performances and inheritance of works of Takao Namiki to work internationally.She participated to "Mime Fayetteville Stay Istanbul International Bar" in 2012 and performance tour in Bali, January 2013. She was also invited performances at "Taiwan Puppet Festival" in April 2013.

Special Message

Hi! Lance Miller at the 2014 Toastmasters International Convention in Kuala Lumpur.

I am looking forward to coming to District 76 in November for your Fall Conference. I have so much that I want to share with all members in District 76 on how to do great speaking and how to build a great toastmasters club.

Toastmasters have changed my life tremendously and I look forward to share what I have learned and how to use this system to enhance your personal success.
I look forward to seeing you in November. Make sure you are there to see ME!

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